Questions to ask when hiring a moving company

Moving to a new home requires making many decisions within a short period of time. Among the decisions, choosing who to move your personal belongings is one of the essential decisions. With the presence of many rogue moving companies, you can easily be scammed without your consent. It is important to choose the right moving company for you to have quality service. However, there key things you need to know about a moving company before you hire them. Here are questions to ask a moving company before hiring them.

Is the company insured?

Ensure you verify that the company is insured by checking the policy number and the insurance company. Never use a moving company that lacks an insurance cover. Check the insurance cover if it extends its cover your personal items during the move. If your personal items are not covered, consider a supplemental moving insurance. Check your home insurance to see if they offer additional coverage before you can purchase more insurance.

How long have you been in business?

Experience is important just as the track record indicates their ability to deliver quality service to the customers. It is therefore essential to clearly understand the company’s history. Ensure the person you’re in touch with is not a broker since a broker won’t be liable for any problems if there arises any.

Do they have references and online review?

Feel free to ask the company for reference contact list of past clients they have worked with. A reputable company will not have a problem sharing the information about their previous satisfied customers. Contact the clients and inquire about their experience with the company along with the quality of service delivered. This will help have a clear information about the service you should expect along. Avoid companies that shy away from giving their customer list.

What is their rate and estimate?

Confirm the rate at which the company charges. Avoid any company that offers a quote per cubic feet. A good company should be offering a distance rate and a rate per pound. For long distances, the rate may be offered based on the weight of your items. However, the moving company should give you a written estimate and give you a copy. Ensure the written estimate includes all the charges and both of you should sign it to make it an agreement.

What are your terms of payment?

You should only make full payment for the service after your items have been safely delivered to your destination. Remember to also ask about the date which the payment is due. Avoid a company that will ask you for a large deposit or full payment before delivery of your items. After delivery, be sure to inspect your items to ensure they are in good condition in the presence of the mover.

Are there additional hidden costs?

Find out if there are additional payments and circumstances under which they additional fees may apply. Additional fees may include transportation surcharges, hand carrying of the load, inaccessible destination, or load restrictions. Ensure you know when the additional fees apply so that you can arrange for a parking and elevator usage so that the charges won’t apply.  

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